My Roku will not update past firmware version 3.1, but your channel requires v4.1 or higher. What gives?

The original Roku (or Roku 1 as it is sometimes called) only supports firmware up to version 3.1. Our Roku channel uses some features that are not supported under that software version so the ITProTV Roku Channel will not show up for your player. This is a decision the people at Roku have made and we do not have any control over. However, it is still possible to load our channel on an older Roku and in our testing 99% of the channel functions just fine. If you would like to give it a try, you can manually add our channel to your Roku by browsing to on your PC, logging in with your Roku user account and then following the on-screen instructions. Once added, the channel will show up on your Roku within 24 hours. You can speed this process along by forcing an update. To force the update, do the following on your Roku: Settings -> Player Info -> Check for Update.

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